.DLL Into .asi

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Jul 31, 2013
Hey Guys,
i Have problem That i Change my DLL File type to .asi And copy it to Game witch i want Hack, And my DLL is Injected, And Give me Msg, But the Game is Crash.
What do you mean? i Mean i Have my Own DLL Hack, And it's work Fine And address Work, But The Game [Wolfteam] Hidden in process in all OS, Beside Windows 8 it's Not Hidden, so i Can Inject my Dll Very Easy use any DLL injector[Only in Windows 8], So I have decided to Chamge My DLL Type to .asi And Copy it in the Game Folder, to Game Auto inject it, it's Work Fine, Cuz i'm add Msg that say DLL injected, when you Inject my dll, So when i run the Game, the msg Show[so it's Mean DLL injected], But Game Crashed.
Have Any Idea Fleep
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