Help Difficult programming/logic question

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Apr 3, 2013
So I'm trying to develop a randomly generated terrain using vertices and then making a surface out of them connecting triangles(2) to make a solid 4 cornered piece of land.
My logic is confusing me and then derailing my train of thought.
I'm looking for a less complicated way of approaching this.

Here's my style

size = 30


The result is not what I want nor what I can work with to create bigger lands if the y value for the x(1) goes down and the x(2) goes upwards.

I thought of another way but this would require an array inside an array so I could grab each any every point/vertex then comparing it to the one that will be next to it to keep the ground within a -1 through 1 point of the last; leaving the code a mess.
I drew a image to make it clear in my head. result;

coding this would be a pain in the ass and be hard to work with if I wanted to modify.

Anyone have a better way of doing this, I have all the coding down and drawings already set up.
I just want to know how I would randomize the Y axis but still create a realistic texture, similar to minecraft style of generation.

Thanks for reading!
Apr 3, 2013
solved it,

perlin noise:
2d perlin noise

The white pixels are height and black are lower.

3d perlin noise requires pasting perlin noises on others, this will allow overhangs and caves underneath the terrain.