Tutorial Define Byte: Direct Byte Manipulation In Game Hacking

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Apr 10, 2016
Define Byte: Direct Byte Manipulation In Game Hacking

Defining Bytes is another great way to achieve results in whatever cheat we are trying make.
A lot of times we inject code into our game to make it jump to allocated memory that the computer has assigned
to run our scripts.

But now we learn to effect the game programming in a different way, to achieve those same objectives..

Manipulating bytes is another way to achieve effects when you need to try other outlets for game hacking.


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Aug 19, 2012
eventho I knew what is explained there , I like to see your tuts, remembering some years ago it was more like "do this, that, maybe this, oh no sry, that" (casing other ppl) ..
but your tuts are great for new people , which makes it easier for them understanding, in special if you start from 0 :)
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