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Dank Tier Donator
Jun 27, 2016
I have noticed that debugging is a key role in hacking any game, with this though I have also seen many game implement features to slow or stop this process. These features have grown to the point where I have to find ways to bypass them in order to proceed. Yes, I have seen the many features programs such as Cheat Engine implement to bypass it, as well as the ones IDA Pro offers. These however are not enough for me, currently I have no solution to this issue and was looking for some feedback on this topic. Thank You.


Escobar Tier VIP
Trump Tier Donator
Jun 25, 2014
Cant give feedback with this amount of information. Does it crash? Does it instantly close? Does it throw endless exceptions? Does it freeze? Does it stop you from even attaching?

edit: also, welcome, dude.
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