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Jul 24, 2013
Hello, and yes this is yet ANOTHER Bhop & TriggerBot, but I'm proud of it!
Neither SMAC or VAC will ban you for this. (Tested on many SMAC servers!)
MY version has a couple extra features, though!

-Only uses RPM and hardware events -
-Bhop has random-delay and junk jumps-
-Option for perfect Bhop-
-Triggerbot also has unnoticeable amount of random delay for SMAC-

credit to the Guidedhacking community for helpful beginnings. ;)
I've also included the source to help other beginners out there. (HackProcess header is all over this site)
I would really appreciate constructive criticism from the vets!

PLEASE unbind your 'jump' from SpaceBar and bind it to MWheelDown for this to work!
in console: " unbind space; bind mwheeldown +jump"

This hack includes a crosshair-entity TriggerBot (bound to Mouse5) and Bhop (bound to SpaceBar)!
1. Run CS:S
2. PLEASE rebind your 'jump'
3. Open the hack
4. Choose features
5. Enjoy!!
Change log:
>Bhop now works when crouching, in shallow water, etc.
>TriggerBot no longer shoots teammates!
>Added TriggerBot option: Timed Tap
>Added TriggerBot option: Timed Tap only when crouching

>updated Bhop and TriggerBot delays
>Added option for Prefect Bhop

Virus Scans:
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