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Dec 11, 2013
Hey Guys,

Here is my new source for CS:GO, this triggerbot still relies on crosshair entity ID.
I will be publishing bone(FOV) and hitbox triggerbot this week or next and after that I will be working on hooking.

Currently studying ASM like crazy atm :)

this is detected, don't try use it online (or use at own risk), as we are not hooking to a safe area of memory - (will come with updates soon)

How To:
1. Create Win32Project.
2. Create Required Header & Cpp Files.
3. Populate With Source Code.

Hot Keys:
Insert : Start Trigger Bot
END : Stop Trigger Bot
END : Un-Inject Dll

#ifndef FUNC_H
#define FUNC_H

#include "Includes.h"
using namespace std;

bool Locate(int iAry[], int iSize, int iVal){

	for(int i = 0; i != iSize; i++)
		if(iVal == iAry[i])
			return true;

	return false;

class read; //Definition
class read{
	int i_Enemies[32]; //Enemy Array - Max Ammount Of Enemies Is 16 (32/2)
    int i_Count; //Found Counter / Array Index - Allows Us To Populate Enemy Array Correctly (in order)

	void Read()
		for(int i = 0; i < 64; i++)
			//Loop From Base Entity Address by 0x10 On Each Iteration
			CEngine *Entity = *(CEngine**)((dwClient + 0x9B76B4) + (i * 0x10));

			//Prevent Crash From Reading Null Pointer

			//If An Enemy Has Been Found, Store Their Entity Index ID Inside Array
			if(Entity->m_iTeamNum != Player->m_iTeamNum && Entity->m_iTeamNum != 1) // 1 = spectators? check correct
				i_Enemies[i_Count] = Entity->m_iIndex;

void Trigger()
	//Read Relevant info	

		//Read Relevant info
		//Shoot If Current ID Matches Enemy ID
		while(Locate(info.i_Enemies, info.i_Count, *(int*)((int)(Player)+0x23B4)))
			//Writing Shoot To Memory
			*(int*)(dwClient+0x9F3884) = 5;
			*(int*)(dwClient+0x9F3884) = 4;

		//Reset Entity Counter
		info.i_Count = 0;

#ifndef INCLUDES_H //If Not Defined
#define INCLUDES_H //Define Now

#pragma once

#define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN //Exclude Un-used Header Files

#include <windows.h> //Standard Header File
#include <iostream> //Constains Input/Output Functions (cin/cout etc..)
#include <TlHelp32.h> //Contains Read/Write Functions
#include <string> //Support For Strings
#include <ctime> //Time Information (Create Timers etc..)
#include <math.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <conio.h>

#pragma region ReClass

class CEngine;

class CEngine
char _0x0000[100];
	__int32 m_iIndex; //0x0064 
char _0x0068[44];
	float m_vecAbsVelocity[3]; //0x0094 
	float m_vecAbsOrigin[3]; //0x00A0 
	float m_vecOrigin[3]; //0x00AC 
char _0x00B8[56];
	__int32 m_iTeamNum; //0x00F0 
char _0x00F4[8];
	__int32 m_iHealth; //0x00FC 
	__int32 m_fFlags; //0x0100 
	float m_vecViewOffset[3]; //0x0104 
	float m_vecVelocity[3]; //0x0110 
char _0x011C[12];
	float m_angNetAngles[3]; //0x0128 
	float m_vecNetOrigin[3]; //0x0134 


CEngine *Player = *(CEngine**)((DWORD)GetModuleHandleA("client.dll") + 0x99E324);
DWORD dwClient = (DWORD)GetModuleHandleA("client.dll");

#pragma endregion

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