Solved CS:GO Aimbot math problems :(

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Jan 3, 2013
Hello, guys at the moment I try to write my first aimbot. I guess I have everything what I need now but my math skills are horrible. -.-
What I have done:
- Save all enemy position in a vector.
- Save the near enemy in a vector.
- Change my view angle so that I can turn around and look up/down.

Enemy positions:
X: 382.125
Y: -125.5
Z: 2102.38
My positons:
X_coordinate: 29.6675
Y_coordinate: -126.702
Z_coordinate: 2129.04
Angle1: 2.91204
Angle1: -4.08733

How can I say now aim to enemy? I dont know how I can calculate which angle I need so that I can aim at the enemy.
Would be really nice if someone could help me.


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Jan 3, 2013
I have found this text tutorial:
And I see that my way of thinking was totally wrong.

I made this a while ago to understand how an aimbot works. A piece of paper, a pen and ~ 15 minutes to figure it out. :)
15min ? lol I even have no basic understanding of this angle calc stuff. I guess I would need maybe more than one week to understand this stuff.

So I will just copy the function void CalcAngle( float *src, float *dst, float *angles ) from the text tutorial. Normally I dont copy things but in this case ... I know how fucking bad my math skills are and I dont want to spend to much time on that stuff. But thx for the graphics maybe one day I will need them.
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