Source Code Counter-Strike 1.6 Internal Bunnyhop Hack for Linux

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Sep 22, 2019
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~3 years
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This is just a simple project that might help some people who are getting started in Linux game hacking. I ran into a lot of issues when going internal on Linux, so this project is more like a test hack. It runs on a separated thread using pthread. I believe my next project will be something more fancy, with a menu and some features, but let's see how it goes. Tested on Arch Linux. Requires: GDB, X11 (XLib)

To compile it, run the following commands on the project directory:
chmod +x
... and to inject it, run these commands:
chmod +x
sudo ./
Demo video:

Here's the source: rdbo/cstrike-bhop-in-linux



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Jan 21, 2014
I was just looking at my notes of "content to make" and the first one says CS1.6 cheats :)
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