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Sep 22, 2019
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~3 years
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This is just a simple external bunnyhop cheat for CS 1.6 (Linux). Tested on Arch Linux.
I am remaking my memory lib from scratch and trying to make the Linux version have the exact same code for the one who uses it as the Windows version. I'm going to optimize a little bit more and allow multiple types of addresses on every function (void*, uintptr_t, etc).
This project was pretty good as a test for reading/writing memory, parsing the maps file to get the begin and end address of the game modules, etc.
To compile it, make sure you have x11/xlib/xorg installed, then go to the "cstrike_bhop_ex" folder and run "".
To run it after you compile, just run "cstrike_bhop" as root.
Source code: rdbo/cstrike-bhop-ex-linux
Source code for pre-release of the memory lib (works only on Linux): rdbo/Memory



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