Convert d3d9 model recognition logger to x64

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Dec 22, 2013
Didn't take a look at the source but the main difference between compiling x86 and x64 in this case is the pointer size. In an x86 program pointers are 4 bytes and in an x64 program 8 bytes big.
If you are using DWORDs as addresses you should use QWORDs or just a normal pointer (void*) instead.
For example when loading the VTable make sure you load the function pointers properly. If you use only 4-byte sized pointers for that it won't work.
Also when detouring you can't use x86 hooks for that. There are probably neat x64 detour function public.

Edit (just a simple example of what I meant):
void DX_Init(DWORD* table)
	DWORD* pVTable = (DWORD*)pd3dDevice;
	pVTable = (DWORD*)pVTable[0];

typedef unsigned __int64 QWORD;
void DX_Init(QWORD* table)
	QWORD* pVTable = (QWORD*)pd3dDevice;
	pVTable = (QWORD*)pVTable[0];
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