Video Tutorial Comparing Strings For Inf Health and Adding Float Values

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Apr 10, 2016
Comparing Strings For Inf Health and Adding Float Values

Comparing Strings For Inf Health and Adding Float Values
Today we we learn how to use non-changing string values in a CMP to use to separate
our hero from enemies on Inf Health.
Also I show you a method on how to add float values.

Also want to iterate that the compare can be done several ways as well
In it's string form that is case sensitive
cmp [rbx+19],'Dave' // will work also Case Sensitive

if I wanted to put it in it's HEX form instead of it's DEC form I would use:
cmp [rbx+19],65766144

and DEC forms are:
cmp [rbx+19],#1702256964

cmp [rbx+19],(int)1702256964

All ways would work
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Jan 21, 2014
Another superb tutorial thanks for sharing with the world
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