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Aug 9, 2017
Hey, so I wanted to play a little bit with Cheat Engine and I chose the game Plants VS Zombies to do that. So the player has plants and the enemies are zombies and you shot the enemies with your plants. I'm currently stuck at "plants do one hit zombies".

So I did find the health of the zombies and I modified the subtraction on hit to lower their health by their health, resulting in killed zombies with a single hit. The problem that I have now is, that those zombies can have different types of protections, like a bucket on their head that has to be destroyed before you can actually hit the zombie. The protections have their own health and so do the zombies. So I managed to modify the subtraction of both to destroy or kill instantly, using 2 aob-scripts. The result is that I can one hit the protection and then one hit the zombie, which are 2 hits in total.

How can I combine those two aob-scripts to one hit kill the zombies? How should I proceed now? I'm starting with C++ hacking etc. and that will solve my problem for sure, but how would I do that now with just Cheat Engine? Thanks for any help in advance.

Protection one hit by sub ecx,ecx
  sub ecx,ecx
  mov [esp+0C],esi
  jmp return
Zombie one hit by commenting out first line
  //jnl popcapgame1.exe+13EF77
  push ebx
  mov eax,edi
  jmp return
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