Help Color aimbot doesn't work, kind of a fix.

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May 29, 2014
Oke so I copied fleeps color aimbot. (I wrote it) I have no C++ expierence and I would like to know but not possible with school, Because C++ is something else that i'm studying.
I try my best to understand C++ but never really know what is being typed.(And how do people write whole sources out of their head? Do they have some kind of guide? Step1, step2, step3) I don't believe you can write a whole source out of your head.
BUT let's get back to my question.

So I got fleeps coloraimbot it aims correctly at the color I assigned but when I go ingame it doesnt work. What i'm thinking is that the game uses a diffrent SetCursorPos.
So I asked someone about this he said this.
"Call SetCursorPos(rand() % 1337, rand() % 1337) while ingame and look if something changes"
when I alt tab out of my game and the window is in the BG it snaps aswell.

So I really think it is something with the mouse ingame , it's diffrent then the one inside the source

Could someone help me out with this?