Solved CodeCave detect multiple arguments in format string

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Apr 5, 2015

I've been doing some code cave, a debug message output has been remove from a game and I want to restore it.

Its a typical printf(Format, args) call, and its working fine, but sometimes there are multiple arguments. How do I detect them, and how do I display them correctly ?

Original code :

0049D620 $ /C3 RETN

Here is what I replace to :

void PrintDebugString()
printf((CHAR *)Format, Message);

__declspec(naked) void codecave_PrintDebugStrings()
__asm pop returnAddress
__asm pop Format
__asm pop Message
__asm pushad
__asm pushfd
__asm popfd
__asm popad
__asm push Message
__asm push Format
__asm push returnAddress
__asm ret
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