Client side storage games!

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I know this is asking for a lot, but I'm looking for a list
of games that use client side storage. I am in need
of this because I'm just starting out in C++ and need
to know what games I can hack and which are
impossible to create trainers, wallhacks, etc. for, so
that I'm not wasting my time.
you can make trainers for any game. Wall hacks for any game also. Client side lets you mod ammo, and health and such. I find the best way to find out what you can do - is to just look at what other people have done, or play around with the game yourself.
Awesome, thanks so much. I always thought wall hacks were client
side. Thanks for telling me otherwise. Also I know that's what I
should be doing, but I don't want to run into the typical error
where someone mods something client side but it turns out
the thing they're modding is kept server side.

ex. I mod gold in an MMORPG and the amount of gold I have
changes client side but not server side, so I end up buying
something that I think I have enough money for but I really
don't. It just seems very time consuming. :(