Intro Chillieman says hello!

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Mar 20, 2015
Hello GH community!

I am a programmer and avid problem solver. I stumbled upon this forum awhile back (years) and never dedicated enough time to become a contributor to the community, or hacker in general. I'm in school and have played around with hacking OS's such as Kali, but i have yet to code my own hacks.

I found the community through Fleep's hacking tutorial on YouTube, and intend to finish his series before i delve deeper into the site. The series is C++ HOW TO HACK ANY GAME. This was one of his older pieces and i'm dedicated to get through the series, even though i believe i can find more up-to-date and accurate videos.

I know the basics of C++ (syntax and OOP principles) and have created basic games using the SDL library(2D games) so i already have some working knowledge of the structure of games and entities ill be trying to target. I also took a very basic course on understanding assembly language (MIPS) and excited to learn more about lower level programming and practice exploiting it! I also have alot of practice using Java, and have explored web applications (Java EE) and Android apps in java. My goal here is to bring my java experience to hacking and recreate some of these windows-directed hacks to work on any operating system - we'll see (LoL)!

Looking forward to working with and becoming part of the family here!



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Aug 3, 2015
Welcome aboard Chillieman!
You got that right man we are all fam in here that's why we'll tell you... the fuck is wrong with you? Java?! :trollface:

Lol glad to have you broski.


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Feb 20, 2016
Hey Chillieman welcome to guidedhacking :)

I guess god has heard my prayers and send me someone from the jvm to back me up <3

Welcome sir!


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Jun 7, 2012
Sounds like you are gonna fit right in bro!


Mar 20, 2015
Thank you all for the warm welcome. :smile:
Traxin Thank you for the semi-trolling - it put a huge smile on my face after a rough day. =]

Im excited to get on the education train, and look forward to helping people who are in my shoes right now (Hacking newbs) once i have established myself!

&& About java: Its just what i have most experience and confidence in -> My goal is to become a C++ guru. :retard:
With that being said, i just think it would be beneficial to me to learn how to code these hax in multiple languages!

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