Solved Center Text in Managed Directx

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Jun 7, 2012
Really didn't think i would get stumped by such a simple problem... I am just not understanding what could be wrong here lol.
Simply trying to center text over my esp box.

here the code i'm using. (changed it about 40 times but here's what i have currently lol)
            Rectangle tempRect = new Rectangle();
            tempRect.X = box[i].x + (int)box[i].width/2;
            tempRect.Y = box[i].y;
            tempRect.Width = (int)box[i].width;

            DrawTextFormat flags = DrawTextFormat.NoClip | DrawTextFormat.Center;

            fontSmall.DrawText(null, text, tempRect, flags, color);

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Jan 21, 2014
Center text horizontally:
//This function returns a float value, this return value is the x coordinate where you want to start drawing your text
//It takes into consideration the possibility that your text may be wider than the esp box and makes it look dank regardless
float Font::centerText(float x, float width, float textWidth)
	if (width > textWidth)
		float difference = width - textWidth;
		return (x + (difference / 2));

		float difference = textWidth - width;
		return (x - (difference / 2));
The arguments are:
x = top left vertex of ESP box
width = width of the ESP box
textWidth = width in pixels of the string you want to print, so you do fontWidth * strlen( to get this value

So you want to do something like this:
float textX = Font::centerText(espBox.x, espBox.width, fontWidth * strlen(;
fontSmall.DrawText(null,, textX, flags, color);
This function centers text on X and Y axis:
vec3_t Font::centerText(float x, float y, float width, float height, float textWidth, float textHeight)
	vec3_t text;
	text.x = x + (width - textWidth) / 2;
	text.y = y + textHeight;
	return text;


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Oct 23, 2015
Shouldn't it be like this instead?

tempRect.X = box[i].x;
Since the width of your tempRect is dependent on the box and your text format is horizontally centered.
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