Castle Storm Hacks

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Jul 18, 2012
Castle Storm Hacks

This Castle Storm hack was created back when Fleep had started Guided Hacks. This was originally a "premium" hack but since Guided Hacks is no longer prevalent, I figured I'd just release the trainer anyways. no longer exists!~

Since this was almost a year ago, I no longer have the game accessible and I have not been able to test it since.

Features Include:

F1 - Infinite Money
Option to Set Money to anything you like
F2- Infinite Food
Option to Set Food to anything you like
F6 - Infinite Supplies
Option to Set Supplies to anything you like
F4 - Infinite Troops
Option to set troops to anything you like
F5 - 1,000,000 Coins
Option to set coins to anything you like
F7 - God Mode
Option to set Hero Health to anything you like

Ignore the start-up message box thanking you for your purchase. ;)



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