Calling a function of a game inside a function hook

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Aug 29, 2017
How can you call a game function inside a function hook?

For example, I hooked the recv function of winsock. Then, I examined a packet. This packet has the value of my current hp. I check the hp. If it's lower than the constant hp threshold I will call a game function that uses an item to heal my hp.
Is it possible to call that game function without crashing the application?

I tried and watch the execution in the debugger it's calling the game function of use item. However, it crashes the application. I think it's probably because of registers? The stack is fine btw.

I'm wondering why I when calling the send function of winsock inside the recv function does not crash. But when I call a game function other than send it crashes. Is it because i'm in a different module? or You can't call a function in a different module? But I followed the execution in the debugger and when the call to use item is executed it really goes to that function. Help me please.
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