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Dec 28, 2014

I'm trying to make a bot for a game called mythwar 2 and i need it to be able to walk around a map ideally with out getting lost. Currently i just have it searching for small images on screen and clicking there to move. problem is sometimes something might spawn and block the image i am looking for so it get stuck. I was thinking if its possible to map the map out in a black and white image (white where it can walk) and have it walk around based of that. Ideally i would like it 'know' where it is and move around without getting stuck while searching for things. not sure if this is the correct approach to it, or if it would be better to try and get the x,y value from in game and use that.

any help would be great or ideas on how i could achieve this. If I haven't explained this very well I'm sorry. I could upload some images and things to show exactly what I'm trying to do.


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Dec 15, 2013
There are a few things I would recommend.

1. Get libtcod and figure out how to use its pathfinding functions for your hack

2. Learn how to write pathfinding code, and do it for your bot

3. If the object is above and to the right, just increase the X and Y of the player slowly, or press the arrows keys through code.

I recommend learning to write your own pathfinding code, because if you can actually get it down, it will be possible to make a player AI for your character so he walks around, gathers, does things for you without the hassle of walking into a wall and not moving from it. For your pathfinding code, you should include the wall image as something unwalkable (Or whatever is a blocking image).

You will still have to read from the X and Y and store it for the pathfinding function to read from.
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