Solved C# How to make a memory AIMBOT tutorial DIFFICULTY [6/10]

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Oct 28, 2013
As first of all thank you for this tutorial Fleep !!

hello people,

I fight my way through this tutorial and on my knowledge in C #, is it I can not believe I am stuck.
I'm not a beginner but also not a professional :trollface:
I guess it's up to cheat engine and memory-read and calculate with that .. because this is my first try.

My first question:
In the YouTube tutorial Clip 3 of 9 at 2:30 why minus C4 ? -> I do not understand the context.

Next question:
In the file notes of Fleep I read this:
#region -----EnemyAddresses-----
List<PlayerData> EnemyAddresses = new List<PlayerData>();
int[] enONEMultiLevel = new int[] { 0x4, 0x364, 0x8, 0x30 };///*was F4 instead of 30 BUT went back C4 so I can calculate everything e.g. xpos etc*/
int[] enTWOMultiLevel = new int[] { 0x4, 0x360, 0x8, 0x30 };
int[] enTHREEMultiLevel = new int[] { 0x8, 0x35C, 0x8, 0x30 };
The statement
*was F4 instead of 30 BUT went back C4 so I can calculate everything e.g. xpos etc*/
How can i calculate { 0x4, 0x364, 0x8, 0x30 } ?
My offset was F8 not F4

I hope someone can help me with that ??!

greetings from Germany and sorry for bad english ..

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Jul 18, 2012
To answer the first question, C4 is the offset that was found. So it is subtracted from the base address to give us the correct address we want.
As for the second question, I don't remember the tutorial perfectly, but I think he's saying he is going back further so he can access all the other information you need like Positions.
F4-C4 = 30

The { 0x4, 0x364, 0x8, 0x30 } are the offsets, so if you add the to your base address, you will get the correct address in memory.

Hope this helps. :)

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