Outdated C++ Game Development Tutorial - Super Mario Clone using GAME CREATOR

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Jan 21, 2014
This is about it the tutorial begins here, this tutorial takes you through creating a 2D CLONE of mario from nothing to finish, as always view the first video to get an idea of what the final program looks like, if you want to test the game before you start working on it then download "Mario game.zip" from attachments to play with the .exe

--------------------------Stuff you may need --------------------------------
Installing GDK - explained in detail

If you have completed the tutorial and have problems then I recommend you download the full source code with comments "Mario clone solution.zip" and compare to your own, if you still cant get it to work then look for any threads or post your own in the Tutorials help section.


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Feb 4, 2019
the video for darkGDK is unavailable....can u plzz help me with that... i cannot see wizards options even after installing all things properly in visual studio c++ 2008
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