Outdated C++ First Person Shooter Game Design Tutorial

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Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
Do you want to be a video game creator? Not finding any good videos on game development?

Here is one of many videos I will be uploading in the next few weeks on how to make your own FPS game using the Dark GDK. This game is written in C++, it is a First Person Shooter it has multiple enemy types and multiple guns. It's just a proof of concept of game design but if you want to become a game maker this will teach you alot. This will also be helpful if you want to learn to code and make video game hacks.

Download the source code and full game in the attachments below!

Thanks for watching them and i hope they were useful to you.
Below in the attachments is a copy of the full game with comments so if you are unsure about something then i hope that helps you.

As always If you have completed the tutorial and have problems then I recommend you download the source code and compare to your own, if you still cant get it to work then look for any threads or post your own in the Tutorials help section.



Jan 31, 2013
At the end when I tried to compile the game, it said "error during setup: object(145) does not exist" and it is a collision error apparently. Can you please tell me which one object 145 is and maybe where the error is? I am working on a school project and I need your help urgently. Thanks a lot :)
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