Video Tutorial C# DLL Injector Tutorial - How to Inject a DLL

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C# DLL Injector Tutorial - How to Inject a DLL

In this How to Inject a DLL C# tutorial we will teach you how to convert our previous C# Trainer into a DLL injector. This is a beginner tutorial.

In the previous video we learned how to use platform invoke or pinvoke to expose native Windows API functions to our managed process, essentially we are using signatures to get the address of exported functions. We will continue that process with a couple new functions so we can make a simple CreateRemoteThread + LoadLibrary DLL injector.

I will show you different native and managed methods of doing a couple things, just to give you some more experience with C#. For example, OpenProcess() and CloseHandle() are native functions that are not necessary, these are taken care of you automatically with the managed methods.

There were 2 bugs in the video, so either watch until the end to see the fixes or just download the completed source code. You must run as administrator and you must compile for the same bitness as the target process, x86 vs x64.

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Links from video

Want to learn more than the basics of C# DLL Injection?

Sample of code from C# DLL injector tutorial:
public static bool InjectDLL(string dllpath, string procname)
    Process[] procs = Process.GetProcessesByName(Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(procname));

    if (procs.Length == 0)
        return false;

    Process proc = procs[0];

    //redundant native method example - GetProcessesByName will automatically open a handle
    int procid = GetProcId(procname);
    IntPtr hProc = OpenProcess(ProcessAccessFlags.All, false, proc.Id);

    if (proc.Handle != IntPtr.Zero)
        //proc.Handle = managed
        IntPtr loc = VirtualAllocEx(proc.Handle, IntPtr.Zero, MAX_PATH, AllocationType.Commit | AllocationType.Reserve,

        if (loc.Equals(0))
            return false;

        IntPtr bytesRead = IntPtr.Zero;

        bool result = WriteProcessMemory(proc.Handle, loc, dllpath.ToCharArray(), dllpath.Length, out bytesRead);

        if (!result || bytesRead.Equals(0))
            return false;

        IntPtr loadlibAddy = GetProcAddress(GetModuleHandle("kernel32.dll"), "LoadLibraryA");
        //redundant native method example - MUST BE CASE SENSITIVE CORRECT
        loadlibAddy = GetProcAddress(GetModuleBaseAddress(proc.Id, "KERNEL32.DLL"), "LoadLibraryA");

        IntPtr hThread = CreateRemoteThread(proc.Handle, IntPtr.Zero, 0, loadlibAddy, loc, 0, out _);

        if (!hThread.Equals(0))
            //native method example
        else return false;
    else return false;

    //this will CloseHandle automatically using the managed method
    return true;


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