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Sep 19, 2013
Well this is my first post, so hello!

I've looked in to creating an Aimbot for CS:S about 2 days ago. I started coding one and it seems to work out pretty good, but I've got one problem. When aiming, it aims at the center of the players position, and up near the head. But when the player is turned left/right (and the head is slightly offset) the Aimbot will miss slightly, as it's still aiming at the center. To solve it temporarily, I just offset the z to hit the chest. I'm looking for some suggestions/tips/etc. I figured I would check their angles and adjust based on that but I didn't see any angular data in the memory structure I am using. Or something with getting the location of the hitboxes themselves.. but Idunno.

While reviewing some source code from other projects, I found a different structure than what I see to be commonly used. (The one where player data is offset by 0x10) Well the data I am reading has name, position, etc. but it's a different memory location and each structure is 0x140 apart. That's fine and all because it clearly works to hit the player, but I was just wondering if anyone found/uses the same data?

Anyways, here's the offsets I am using that currently work:

// pointer to the base structure
client.dll + 0x5A36A8

base + 0x38 // name sizeof(char)*23
base + 0x58 // team (PINT)
base + 0x5C // health (PINT)
base + 0x60, 0x64, 0x68 // X, Y, Z (PFLOAT)

//local angles
engine.dll + 0x474A1C (PFLOAT)
engine.dll + 0x474A20 (PFLOAT)

//offset next player data

// example finding local health
i = 0 in this case (first loop, local data)
int health = *(PINT)(PlayerBase + (CSS_OFFSET_NEXT_PLAYER * i) + CSS_OFFSET_HEALTH);

Anyways.. I'm just after input and possible suggestions for offsetting my aim position for when the player is turned. I probably missed it, but I didn't see angles for other players in my structure or the other ones used from other's source codes. If so, I would have just used that to change the aiming. Also, is it possible to get hitbox location data instead of just the player's location? I'm obviously new to hacking in CSS, so I suppose I'm looking for some additional information.

Thanks for reading! :)


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May 24, 2012
I'm not going to make a big post or anything, but you should take a look at getting a bones position.

Here's what you're going to want.
1. The bones base address: 0x570.

2. The list of bones (All this stuff is from NubTIK, do a quick search and you'll find more):

float m_vecStoreboneData[3][4];  
void GetBonePosition(DWORD BoneBase, int BoneNumber, float *FloatArray)
   ReadProcessMemory(fProcess.__HandleProcess, (PBYTE*)(BoneBase + BoneNumber* 0x30), &m_vecStoreboneData, sizeof(m_vecStoreboneData), NULL);
   FloatArray[0] = m_vecStoreboneData[0][3]; 
   FloatArray[1] = m_vecStoreboneData[1][3]; 
   FloatArray[2] = m_vecStoreboneData[2][3]-59;    
You can of course figure out how to use all this yourself, right?

EDIT: A good resource for CSS hacking is unkn0wnch3ats.


Sep 19, 2013
Yes I can definitely figure it out, and I'm glad to know I can get the position of the different body parts. Just wanted to know before I started working on it. Thank you for your time! :)
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