C# AssultCube Aimbot Source Code (VS 2013)

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Nov 23, 2013
If anyone wants concise aimbot source code for the most recent version of AssultCube (as of 11/24/2013) as a learning reference here it is. There is only slight similarity Fleep's version, I didn't really look at his code too much.

Main differences:
- I was able to find a pointer table to the enemies. Enemy 1 is at "ac_client.exe"+0010F4F8, with offsets 4 and 34. The next enemy is "ac_client.exe"+0010F4F8 with an offset of 8 and 34. Enemy 3 is an offset of 'c' and so on. Because of this I can very easily construct the pointers to all 31 enemies with 2 lines of code via a loop, without the need to find pointers to each one individually.
- The calculation for the vertical rotation was adjusted, I think there was a flaw in his formula, though it was very very close.
- I didn't implement focusing the current enemy when the mouse is clicked. If this is a desired feature its pretty much a copy paste job.
- Holding CTRL disables the aimbot.



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