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Mar 25, 2020
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Assault Cube
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Hey guys.
I'm currently trying to make an esp hack for assault cube.
I have the view matrix and enemy player coordinates.
I also have a W2S function, but I don't really know how to use it:
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
    class worldtoscreen
        public static float[] WorldToScreen(byte[] matrix, PlayerEntity entity, int width, int height, POINTS gameWindow, bool foot = true)
            float m11 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 0), m12 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 4), m13 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 8), m14 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 12);
            float m21 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 16), m22 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 20), m23 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 24), m24 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 28);
            float m31 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 32), m32 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 36), m33 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 40), m34 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 44);
            float m41 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 48), m42 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 52), m43 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 56), m44 = BitConverter.ToSingle(matrix, 60);
            float zPos = entity.getZPos(foot);
            //multiply vector against matrix
            float screenX = (m11 * entity.xPos) + (m21 * entity.yPos) + (m31 * zPos) + m41;
            float screenY = (m12 * entity.xPos) + (m22 * entity.yPos) + (m32 * zPos) + m42;
            float screenW = (m14 * entity.xPos) + (m24 * entity.yPos) + (m34 * zPos) + m44;
            //camera position (eye level/middle of screen)
            float camX = width / 2f;
            float camY = height / 2f;
            //convert to homogeneous position
            float x = camX + (camX * screenX / screenW);
            float y = camY - (camY * screenY / screenW);
            float[] screenPos = { x, y };
            //check it is in the bounds to draw
            if (screenW > 0.001f  //not behind us
                && gameWindow.Left + x > gameWindow.Left && gameWindow.Left + x < gameWindow.Right //not off the left or right of the window
                && gameWindow.Top + y > gameWindow.Top && gameWindow.Top + y < gameWindow.Bottom) //not off the top of bottom of the window
                return screenPos;
            return null;
I also dont really know what the PlayerEntity stands for, I mean I know, but how do I define it?

Same for POINTS near the gameWindow.

If anyone could point me out on how to use it I'd really appreciated it.

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 21, 2014
Guide - GHB0 - Game Hacking Bible Introduction
Guide - How to get started with learning ViewMatrix
Source Code - World2Screen - DIrect3D and OpenGL WorldToScreen Functions

Using a World To Screen function is a the 48th tutorial in the GHB because you need the experience from 47 other tutorials before you can use one successfully without pasting. So do your homework.

Entity is a struct that contains the information you read from memory, most importantly the player's position.

POINTS is a struct which contains the size of the game window, includes these member variables: left, top, right bottom
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