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FaTal Cubez

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Feb 4, 2014
The noob is back! xD

Anyways, I have all the values for my aimbot (entity list, coords, mouse, etc.), and I could technically make an aimbot right now. But, I hesitate to do so until i figure out this ray tracing stuff. I know what ray tracing is, it's used for games to determine what is visible on the screen to know what is supposed to be drawn. However, I don't know how to use this to my advantage.

I understand that I have to first find the function that performs the ray trace in the code, then hook the function. But that is precisely where I'm stuck. For source games it's made easy because they have open source code and you can just find the ray trace function directly. But, for a game that isn't open sourced, how would you go about finding the ray trace functions?

Furthermore, even if I do manage to find the function in the code, I have no idea what to do with it. I will rewatch Fleep's hooking tutorial, but how can I call that function with my own arguments and grab the return result? If I can figure this out, then I will have my hack working! :D

Thank you GuidedHacking forums for all the support you have given me thus far, and I truly would appreciate any help on this tricky subject.


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Dec 15, 2013
I'm also interested in this. I've read that you wrap the asm code for it, but as to finding that code is a bit vague.


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May 19, 2013
Good question. Would love a tutorial about this one.


Apr 14, 2013
Only just noticed this thread but tracing is simple in cod games, even the address is ( for the one I use ) is located in the same place in all cods

typedef struct
    Vector surfaceDirection;
    float unknown;
    float fraction;
    unsigned long surfaceType;
    unsigned long surfaceFlags;
    unsigned long hitType;
    unsigned short entityNum;
    unsigned char _0x0022[0x0028 - 0x0022];
    unsigned short index;
    unsigned char startsolid;
    unsigned char allsolid;
    unsigned char _0x002C[0x003C - 0x002C];
    Vector endpos;
    unsigned char indexHit;
    unsigned char _0x0049[0x004C - 0x0049];
    unsigned long materialType;

typedef struct
	int worldNum;	 //1022 - 1023   
	int localEnt;		 //localent = cg->clientNum   
	float  penetrationPower;			   
	int impactType;		   
	Vector origin;	            
	Vector start;	            
	Vector end;		        
	Vector direction;	        

static void (*CG_Trace)(trace_t* tr, Vector start, Vector end, int skipNum, int mask, int a6, int a7) = (void (__cdecl *)(trace_t* , Vector, Vector , int , int , int , int ))0x56AB80;

bool CUtils::bPathFree( Vector vOut ) //call this in your aimbot
	trace_t tr;
	CG_Trace( &tr,refdef->eyePos,vOut,cg->clientNum,0x803003,0,0 );
	return ( tr.fraction==1.0f );
with that trace_t struct and the bullettrace_t you could look at FireBulletPenetrate and reverse the tracebullet,penetration func ect for autowall done.hope this helps
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