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Jun 7, 2012
About 6 or 7 years ago i had a run in with a pretty nasty virus. Ended up losing everything on my pc to it. So ever since then i have been pretty damn cautious.

But i have to say the anti virus i have been using is really not performing how i would like it. Sometimes it ends up deleting exes i have made and other stupid stuff. It's quite annoying honestly.

So i was wondering what you guys use? I would just google it but i mean lets be honest.. Do i want to take some nerds top 10 answer, or do i want to find out what all the l33t h4x0r$ on GH are using?

Please give a little information about why you do/don't prefer said anti virus. Thanks guys!


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May 19, 2013
I have Avira installed but I only use it to scan files I take out of my sandboxed firefox.
Didn't have (unwanted-) malware on my pc for many years now.

The best defense is caution nonetheless.


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Aug 3, 2015
I have avast installed but... you know... who cares?
It's all signature based bullshit that can be defeated by user stupidity. Like you mentioned and Liduen put into words, caution is the best defense.
Like you said, those AV's that have overly sensitive heuristics can be really fucking annoying especially with individuals who have hobbies such as ours.


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Jan 21, 2014
I use Avast and generally reverse all scary executable files in a VM before using them
I also use whitelisting in my firewall and use extensive adblocking, HOSTS file blocking and 24/7 VPN

No malware/viruses in over 5 years, holler

I like Avast alot but like most AV companies, recently they started churning bullshit instead of butter. Bunch of extra features that noone wants just so they can compete with other feature fluffers and convince the sheep to buy theirs.
But all these extra features are now modular, and can be 100% disabled before installing. Norton will keep pestering you to clear your cookies and install their toolbar no matter how many times you give them the stink eye. For this reason I still like Avast.

I have my hacking/coding shit in a special folder that is on my Exclusions list and no auto delete/repair settings, I force it to ask everytime. Really, with the right configuration it works great, but stock it will blast your RE apps off the map. And config is in the cloud, so if I reinstall or use another computer I can load the settings. Also the guy that created GMER which is awesome, works for Avast now.

But in terms of detection, all the top 10 AV's are basically the same
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