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May 25, 2020
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Hey Brothers,

I am really surprised I haven't seen this question! :eek:

I have had my aimbot for a while, Its extremely good upclose but the further you go away and the more your target is moving the more it starts to miss.
I understand this is the nature of the game and that this is obviously going to happen, however I don't actually implement any prediction whatsoever.

I am not a big maths fan but do understand the basics, I was wondering if anyone had any good example's so I can add to it or transfer over.

I have all the usual variables My pos, enemy pos, distance, bullet speed, gravity.

I am working on a game where distances can be 300 > meters easily, I'm not expecting it to be perfect but at least better.

Thanks for any helps :)


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Sep 2, 2018
Well, the general logical things.
Calculate the best pos to shoot at based on velocity, pedicted position, animation times etc.
Like, if he's ADS-ing he won't sprint in the next 0.2 sec probably, he is slower.
You could gather small time scale based data, check if he moves a lot, if he remains in a position for long amount of times and thigns like that.
Calculate for a body-hit always, never the head (unpredictable and animations will screw you up, and bodyhits look more legit) calculate the damage of the gun on the health, check if you can kill anyone with a body-shot.
Also, make tresholds. Don't allow your bot to shoot if the prediction results in a hit more than 0.2sec pretracking.

Also which Battlefield are you playing currently?


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Dec 27, 2018
Simple prediction with which you can start since it basically works for every game
1. Calculate how long it will take for you bulllet to reach the enemy (bullet travel time doesnt change that much)
2. Calculate where the enemie will stand on that time point based on his velocity (you can either read velocity or calc it yourself)
3. Do the aimbot logic with the predictet position
However this sint perfect since your target can change direction or increase/decrease velocity sometimes you can predict those things sometimes you cant


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Aug 18, 2018
You could use tons of math formulas, but since we are talking about a game which uses constant values, you could implement something simpler.

You are aiming at a target far 500 meters from you. Is the target moving?
if (Target_Position_Final - Target_Position_Start  == 0 )
No, he is not moving. You shoot at him using your bubble gun. Bullet speed is 500 m/s. The bullet will reach the target in 1 second. Using the gravity constant, you bullet speed and the target distance, you can get the position where you bullet will fall. Using an inverse formula, starting from the enemy pos ( the target fall point ) and using your aim Y component as a constant you can get the time of the Y component and the correct Y aim component. 1 second + Yt = FinalBulletTime.

Now the target is moving. You must calcolate his speed on his current space xyz component. Space / Time = Speed. He is moving at 600 m/s far 500 meters from you. Your bullet speed is 500 m/s. 500/500 = 1. Again, the bullet will reach the target in 1 Second. Here you must sum the Yt to get the FinalBulletTime. He is moving at 600m/s. In FinalBulletTime how far will it go? So, you must aim at:
Target_Current_Pos + Calculated_Position
using the calculated Y aim component.

When you calculate the time, remember to consider the Ping Value and the execution time of your aimbot, in this way you aim will have a more precise evaluation. You can simulate all your calculation using a simple multiplier. That means, calculating only 1 time this system using a weapon X and then simply using the distance as a multiplier for the rest of the values. If you are playing on BF3 you can directly hack your gun to shoot flat like in COD, on BF4, instead, you can use the Phalanx AI Aimbot to calculate these stuff which uses the multiplier method I mentioned above.

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