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Nov 4, 2012
Hello gamers, and coders!

I found this hack on a site a while back and tried it on multiplayer, the nature of the hack
got me banned within ten minutes, obviously. So I tried it on coop where I know there's
no anti-cheat. Boom, it works perfectly as long as you're the host.

NumPad 1 - God Mode
NumPad 2 - No Reload
NumPad 3 - Infinite Ammunition
NumPad 4 - Super Accuracy
NumPad 5 - Reduce Recoil
NumPad 6 - Increase the rate of fire
NumPad 7 - Hide HUD
NumPad 8 - Show FPS

Credit goes to GradenT.

In coop this is DETECTED
Be cautious if you do use it online because it is DETECTED.

CAUTION - Don't use this on death from above! It crashes as soon as you shoot.



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May 20, 2012
Great stuff, the file didn't upload because it was a .exe and not an accepted format. Re-uploaded it as zip
Thanks for the release :)

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