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Jul 6, 2013
Hello everyone,

We've decided to finish the previous story, and put it together for you guys to have a good laugh about it. Every story must have an ending, and you can read how it ends here.

I went to a bar got piss drunk and started to hit on babes because I was sucking a big pink chocolate lollipop because I like to smell at the neck of pretty agent smith. and then i got arrested because I shat myself but helios came and ruined the relation with his teacher but then fleep had enough of us all and came to a conclusion that helios's teacher must back of otherwise he will get trouble with the huge antirape community but suddenly a Wild goose appeared and left the Pokemon with fear But ash told fleep must try and ban those pedophile teachers using blackboard sticks as bullets for the invisible Hawk that can destroy all didoes such as leechers, santa and Campers. so i ran to the home of the teacher because she is hell of a dish washer that doesnt know who is his father because he was US number one Marine, at the Navy Seals, and his boss was super gay and Ugly as he became such a homeless wreak and crippled when it backfired so hard in his little tent, when it burned to ashes. But suddenly a Big giant troll got shot at but that didn't had much effect on the troll but suddenly a Muppet came running and caused chaos by scaring the great white shark by waving a flag that is covered in shit because a cow sat on it ... but then the gay marine started to invade a police department because the ambulance was not fully equipped with really large tires the ambulance had to go to save another big booty bitch but in order to squeeze dat-booty something dangerous had taken over the police-department, so the military had to take action against the NWO (New World Order) because captain jack got drunk again after the voyage, since 1975 because that is captain jack! The one and only that can drink and fight like a sea-legged mutant with four tentacles and a giant nose because he's head is one giant lump but that didn't stop him from kicking ass, he immediately returned to drinking lots of beer at 6 which became a lesson for kids that consuming alcohol which is bad because someone here is smoking weed 420 erry day 420blazin erry day Hit dat shit so hard that they died from full blown aids because some girl made a huge mistake by not having any protection because it didn't really matter at all but they "Stick it in" to the promise eventually getting married and having sex witch always end having kids which is the best.

If you want we can make a new story, you can start the story by posting below (must be 3 words).
the old story can be found here.

Start : I went to a bar,
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