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Nov 5, 2014
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I know theres like a million of these but figured i'd post mine since it has been like years since I posted anything lol. Have a million unfinished projects so figured I would work on one.

Mine is pretty basic, uses imgui as a menu and features basic hacks. The no recoil hack I made works only for the player and not the bots, but the god mode hack is not the same, i'm too lazy to do that so it's disabled by default. Maybe i'll update it if I get some free time.

@Rake for ESP, traceline, and a bunch of other stuff
@timb3r for some SDL code on his blog
@Broihon for a lot of old code and helping understand stuff
@mambda for bein a good dude and helping me understand things

I tried to tidy up the code but a lot of it is old so theres probably some cancer so beware.

Feel free to use/criticize my code :)

there are no binaries in the zip but here is a virus total of the zip:


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