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Oct 16, 2013
I made a teleport hack for assault cube and it worked magical but when I scrapped my project to re-write it from scratch I don't get the same results in game.

My hack worked the first time I made it and I wanted to make it again so I created a new project and deleted my code to start over. I've checked and double checked my pointers but for some reason the hack isn't working the way it should and my player is teleported to a random position instead of the one I set. The hack works with hotkeys [Numpad 4,5,1 and 2] for saving 2 positions and loading 2 positions.

My source code. I'm using the readwritingmemory.vb module.

Public Class Form1

    Private Declare Function GetAsyncKeyState Lib "user32" (ByVal vkey As Integer) As Integer

    Private Sub Read_Tick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Read.Tick

        Label3.Text = ReadDMAInteger("ac_client", &H50F4F4, {&H34}, Level:=1, nsize:=4) 'XPos'
        Label4.Text = ReadDMAInteger("ac_client", &H50F4F4, {&H38}, Level:=1, nsize:=4) 'YPos'
        Label5.Text = ReadDMAInteger("ac_client", &H50F4F4, {&H3C}, Level:=1, nsize:=4) 'ZPos'

        Me.Label3.Left = Me.ClientSize.Width \ 2 - Me.Label3.Width \ 2
        Me.Label4.Left = Me.ClientSize.Width \ 2 - Me.Label4.Width \ 2
        Me.Label5.Left = Me.ClientSize.Width \ 2 - Me.Label5.Width \ 2

    End Sub

    Private Sub Hotkey_Tick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Hotkey.Tick
        Dim x1 As String
        Dim y1 As String
        Dim z1 As String

        Dim x2 As String
        Dim y2 As String
        Dim z2 As String

        Dim savepos1 As Boolean
        savepos1 = GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.NumPad4)
        If savepos1 = True Then
            x1 = Label3.Text
            y1 = Label4.Text
            z1 = Label5.Text
        End If

        Dim savepos2 As Boolean
        savepos2 = GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.NumPad5)
        If savepos2 = True Then
            x2 = Label3.Text
            y2 = Label4.Text
            z2 = Label5.Text
        End If

        Dim loadpos1 As Boolean
        loadpos1 = GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.NumPad1)
        If loadpos1 = True Then
            WriteDMAInteger("ac_client", &H50F4F4, {&H34}, x1, Level:=1, nsize:=4)
            WriteDMAInteger("ac_client", &H50F4F4, {&H38}, y1, Level:=1, nsize:=4)
            WriteDMAInteger("ac_client", &H50F4F4, {&H3C}, z1, Level:=1, nsize:=4)
        End If

        Dim loadpos2 As Boolean
        loadpos2 = GetAsyncKeyState(Keys.NumPad2)
        If loadpos2 = True Then
            WriteDMAInteger("ac_client", &H50F4F4, {&H34}, x2, Level:=1, nsize:=4)
            WriteDMAInteger("ac_client", &H50F4F4, {&H38}, y2, Level:=1, nsize:=4)
            WriteDMAInteger("ac_client", &H50F4F4, {&H3C}, z2, Level:=1, nsize:=4)
        End If
    End Sub

End Class

Any ideas as to why this isn't working? I've checked and re-checked everything I can think of from pointers, offsets, spelling etc


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Oct 16, 2013
Fixed my code, I didn't realize Dim did not persist so I changed all of the x,y,z variables from Dim to Static.

Static x1 As Integer
Static y1 As Integer
Static z1 As Integer

Static x2 As Integer
Static y2 As Integer
Static z2 As Integer
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