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Apr 8, 2013
Assault Cube Ultimate Trainer v1.0

This trainer was created by me "Kopuz" using nothing but Cheat Engine 6.2 whith its built in debugger and trainer creater. All base addresses and offsets used in this trainer were found by me, alot of time and effort has gone into this so please have FUN! :).
--------- V1.0 Total Feature = 23


Alt + W Teleport 7 Yards North (Use these teleports to go through objects or for a speed hack.)

Alt + D Teleport 7 Yards East

Alt + S Teleport 7 Yards South

Alt + A Teleport 7 Yards West

Q Insta 180 Turn

Num 1 God Mode (This cheat is toggled, Works against bots only.)

Num 2 500 Armour (Works against bots only.)

Num 3 Ammo in Clip (For equiped weapon, Works against bots only.)

Num 4 Ammo in Mag (For eqiped weapon, Works against bots only.)

Num 5 Grenade Ammo (You must have a grenade equiped and pull the pin then activate cheat before you
throw the grenade.)

Num 6 Rapid Grenades (Don't blow your self up!.)

Num 7 Rapid Knife / No Reload and No delay between shots (This cheat is toggled.)

Num 8 Moon Physyics (This cheat is toggled, you can use recoil on some guns to keep you up in the air like a jep pack.)

Shift + W Speed Hack (Press and hold, let go to return to normal speed.)

Alt + W Speed Hack x2 (same rules but this is twice as fast)

Shift + Z Turn Invisible (I havent seen this anywhere before i think i am the first person to find it! its really op and fun to use have fun xD!Works MP players can't see you and you can shoot/kill them)

Shift + X Turn Invisible and Fly (speaks for its self)

Shift + C I don't want to be invisible any more (obviously makes you visible, use this when you run out of ammo)

+ Increase Player Elevation

- Decrease Player Elevation

Shift + 1, Shift + 2 and Shift + 3 Anti Vote Kicks! (works 70% of the time, use all there of them when someone places a vote kick on you.)

Well that is it for now guys please enjoy this free public hack!!

Screen Shots

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Virus Scans
Virus Scan 1
Virus Scan 2

Some AV might think this is a trojan i can assure you that it is not, this is a trainer created with cheat engine 6.2


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Feb 22, 2013
Impressive! I'll have to download AC again just to try this out! I would also like to congratulate you on using nothing else BUT cheat engine, that's awesome:challenge:



Kim Kong Trasher
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Jul 19, 2012
Nice features, good job :)

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