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Dec 6, 2013
Version 3 (for AssaultCube client v1.2.0.2 x86)
Developed by sk0r / Czybik
Contact: @

This product is a hack base for the AssaultCube game.
It gets the most important addresses of code and data
objects which are needed to program your own hack.
I have also included some examples of features your
hack could provide. The hack settings are adjustable
via a menu. The sourcecode and the disassemblies are
completely commented.

Gets addresses of:
- Remote Player Array address
- Local Player address
- game entities array
- bounce entities array
- hudoutf function address
- variable function address
- exec function address
- Drawcrosshair function address
- UpdateWorld function address
- playerincrosshair function address
- camera1 address
- worldpos Pointer address

Example Features:
- Care for health
- Care for armor
- Fly Mode
- Sniper No-Spread
- Sniper Non-Zoom crosshair
(actually not used, because I don't have a function currently where to call drawcrosshair)
- SubGun / Assault Gun no recoil and no spread
- Infinite ammo
- Triggerbot

How to use:
- Start AssaultCube
- Join a game or create one
- Open the AC_Hack.exe
- Use menu with 'showmenu ach_menu' or simply the alias 'ach_menu'

Virus Scan .. Sorry because forgot to scan it.
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May 20, 2012
Thanks for the release but we need 2 virus scans before we can approve the file.

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