Intro Arickyy here!! <3

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Nov 25, 2013
Yo, great forum i love it here :D

Well my name is Rick and i was ofc searching for a hack for Warface when i saw Fleep's video on how to create an aim-bot
so i figured what the hell lets check out the forum and it turned out to be great! :D so now im a member here and im learning a lot of C++/C#
this is great i have wanted to learn C++ anyways so the hacking part is just a bonus :D

Have written some Html and Css so writing C++ is a little similar :)

The people here are great also tho <3

Hacked anything be4
Nope, not a chance.

what have u learned on these few days u have been a member?
How to create a memory hack, aim-bot(color/memory), creating Directx menu hack and creating a wallhack using chams.

So yeah that's a little about me and how i got here.

Post in peace.
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