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Feb 14, 2020
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Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Source
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Hi everyone :)

Today im gonna show you an alternive to mousehook.

I think this only works on source engine game based but im not sure.

So load up your game mine is Team Fortress 2.

Go in game and alt-tab to your cheat-engine like that:


Change value to 1 and hit First Scan.
Now go on your tf2 menu and change value to 2 and hit Next Scan.

Now you should have 300~500 Results try to search a green static address with vguimatsurface.dll

Im gonna try to explain what this address do: This address takes care of unlocking mouse so that you can navigate in the menu but if you assign it the value of 2 in game you can navigate in your cheat without hocking mousepos.

Mouse Unlock Implementation:
    if (GetAsyncKeyState(VK_INSERT) & 1)
        int iMouseLock = *(int*)(vguimatsurface + mouseLock);
        bShow = !bShow;
        if (vguimatsurface != NULL && iMouseLock == 2)
            *(int*)(vguimatsurface + mouseLock) = 1;
        if (vguimatsurface != NULL && iMouseLock == 1)
            *(int*)(vguimatsurface + mouseLock) = 2;
Proof Of Concept:
Not MouseHooking
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