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Mar 17, 2014
Hello I found my XYZ position and like to know how to think of my enemy, I have commanded a friend help me, I already found his only when he leaves the room and enters another person no longer works only works with it!

Olá achei minha posição XYZ e gostaria de saber como acha a do meu inimigo, já mandei um amigo me ajudar, eu ja achei a dele só que quando ele sai da sala e entra outra pessoa não funciona mais só funciona com ele!


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Jan 21, 2014
Let's say your friend is an 'object' of the 'player' class. Let's call the object player2. When player3 enters the server he is a different object and is not at the same address. If player2 enters the server again, the player2 object may not be located at the same memory address. Also player2 may not be the object player2 anymore. You will need to find a pointer to the player2 object, which may point to a different player object in the future but you will have to find out.

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Mar 17, 2014
Next have my XYZ coordinate AND MY MIRA XY,
How do to find my enemy?

I called a gathering to is moving in the room to be able to find min, I thought, only the values change only with him, did the following test took to address his "enemy", he sent out of the room and into another, and this person oo value
not start.
tried another test sent the two enter the room, and the value changed only with that friend that I enter the room.

Seguinte tenho minha coordenada XYZ E DA MINHA MIRA XY,
Como faço pra encontrar o do meu inimigo ?

Chamei um coleta pra fica se movimentando na sala pra min poder achar, achei, só que os valores só alteram com ele, fiz o seguinte test peguei a address dele "inimigo", mandei ele sair da sala e entrar outra pessoa, e com essa pessoa o o value
não pega.
tentei outro test mandei os 2 entrar na sala, e o value só mudava com aquele amigo que entro na sala.
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