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Jul 3, 2017
I've been reading about aimbot fundamentals, and there seems to be 3 ways to go: Read GFX, memory or screendata.

While there's a lot of anti-cheating done in the part memory compartment, GFX requires a lot of knowledge, but for my knowledge reading screendata and acting upon it is virtually undetectable and easy to code.
However, how decent of an aimbot one can do via screenshotting small area, indexing pixels and classifying pixels by RGB (Overwatch has outlighted character models, so it's easy to get X and Y to aim at.
Will the process be too slow or resource intensive to be practical?

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Jun 25, 2014
well for one, none of these methods are undetectable, virtually, practically, technically, etc. they just arent.

2. Impractical. Pixel based aimbots are generally best left as triggerbots. The chances of a unique colour thats only ever shown on 1 enemy/model is very unlikely. So at times you'll be aimbotting at a wall or the sun or whatever. The outline of character models would just mean youd be aiming at the outline rather than the actual enemies. Unless you do more (impractical) adjustments.
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