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May 17, 2017
Alright, Imma just get right into the point here.
So, I play this game named "Modern Combat 5: Blackout", which you can download from Windows 8+ store. (It's not available in Steam).
So, MC5 has aim assist in campaign. I want that aim assist to work in multiplayer too. I do not want the full on aim bot that just auto locks on a player with a wall in between. I want the aim assist to kick in when I first locate an enemy, I aim in his direction with my assault rifle, and then the aim assist kicks in. My crosshair stays in the same place as the player but not too strongly like Color Aimbot, and memory aimbot. Just lightly, kinda like, hovering over the player head / chest, and stay there until I kill him. And I don't want the aim assist to auto lock on the next player. Like I had mentioned before, I want to spot the player myself, aim on him/her and THEN aim assist kicks in.

Please help me! I do have some knowledge on programming, but some to not in hacking programs/ games.

Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it! <3


Cesspool Admin
Jan 21, 2014
ManishD to do that you will need some good reversing/hacking skills. You need to find out how the aim assist is implemented, maybe it's some bool that you just set to true or maybe it's a function you need to call. I don't know and you have to figure it out so good luck
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