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Apr 19, 2013
hi guys ! how to find a Direct3D device pointer in counter strike source ? (Googol not want to share that information with me: D);

If you can step by step tutorial (for a beginner in Ollydbg and IDA PRO)



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Jul 19, 2012
Many ways to accomplish.

Load IDA/Olly find imports (intermodular calls), Direct3dCreate has the device pointer as an argument, from there on just check the address and how its set


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Apr 19, 2013

I tried this tutorial. Everything works, but after a while the game crash. : (

There is an option to find a signature (the method I picked up from a lesson for Infestation: Survivor Stories) - this works fine without crashing, but I do not know how to take the signature of the other games (in this case, css).can someone explain to me?

DWORD dwRenderAddress = 0;
while (dwRenderAddress == 0)
dwRenderAddress = FindPattern(hGameBase, 0x1080000, (BYTE*) "\xA1\x00\x00\x00\x00\x68\x02\x04\x00\x40\xE8", "x????xxxxxx"); //0x128000
dwRenderAddress = *(DWORD*) (dwRenderAddress + 1);
while (*(DWORD*) dwRenderAddress == NULL);
pRenderer = (r3dRenderLayer*) * (DWORD*) dwRenderAddress;
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