A few of my best 'on a whim' projects

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Nov 3, 2013
Hello GuidedHacking people, I thought this area of the forum was kind of lonely. So here are four programs I made on a whim while learning C#.

File Finder: Pretty useless, it finds every file on your computer and dumps it into a log on your desktop.

Fidgety: Moves your cursor randomly around your screen every so often. Good for keeping your computer from locking up.

NoClip: Copies itself to your startup directory and replaces your Clipboard Text with "sne4kyFox says: Hello, I am of no harm. I only wish to charm!" Good for pranks and annoying people I guess.

FoxCrypt: A program that has a command-line interface (The command syntax really bytes, but that's not the point) that is used for Rijindael Encryption. It supports folders, folders and subfolders, or a single file.

Please PM me any issues you come across. If you wish for the source of any of these four programs, I can provide the whole solution for your perusal.

File Finder Virus Total

Fidgety Virus Total

NoClip Virus Total

Foxcrypt Virus Total

The .zip File Virus Total


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Jul 18, 2012
Thanks for the share, please post a virus scan so we can verify the file. :)
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