Solved __thiscall problem - access violation

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Aug 18, 2017

I'm writting simple bot for Tibia (OTS), I'm injecting the dll to the client process and then calling some functions. The calling convention is __thiscall I'm pretty sure.

I have something like this:

	class ProtocolGameSend
		void moveNorth()
			void(__thiscall *moveNorth)(void*) = (void(__thiscall*)(void*))((intptr_t)GetModuleHandle(NULL) + 0x0DB940);

intptr_t objectAddress = (intptr_t)GetModuleHandle(NULL) + 0x545AA0;
ProtocolGameSend* protocolPtr = (ProtocolGameSend*)objectAddress;

Addresses are 100% good because the same addresses I'm currently using in codecaves and these addresses are working, but from dll I'm getting Access Violation. Can some one help me? I'm pretty new in internal cheats.

Greetings :)
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