3 Questions: Aimbot, Chatbot, Console

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Nov 19, 2012
Hi There!
Two questions!

There are two methods of aimbot i think.. coloraimbot and memoryaimbot.
I prefer memoryaimbot, because it´s much faster.. but how do i check, if a enemy is able to hit? Do i need D3D9 for this? I can´t find any tutorial for this!

Second question.
I would like to make a chatbot for a game and i want to manipulate the console (like counter-stike).. that i can make console-commands thorugh the hack..
but i don´t know, how?
Can anyone help me?

greez funky-destroy
if something happens when you aim at an enemy, their should be address changes when this something is happening, and when its not. Such as the crosshairs changing color, or a name appearing over their head. Else you would have to use Directx and you could determine if you where looking at them, but it would be hard to make a trigger bot, cause you would have to check the walls, Or - use chams on them.

As for the console command thing, I would assume it was done by hooking the ingame function that the ingame text console had its data sent through.
Nov 20, 2012
You're right about the fact that there will be an address change when you look at an enemy, but it will be very hard to pinpoint because the engine will be reading values of changes in lighting and color. He wants it to be memory aimbot, so he would have to find the coordinates of the enemies.


Dec 5, 2012

If you goto my profile you can see a tutorial on creating a CSS External aimbot using CBaseEntity, btw, ColorAimbot and MemoryAmbot are not the only options to create an aimbot..