Solved 2000s Trainer Animations - How did they make them?

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Oct 15, 2020
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Hello gentlemen, my question might sound a bit strange, but I don't know much about graphics, especially if super complex and even if it's 2D. Surely, many of you may remember the old trainer softwares from the 90s - 2000s , full of great animations and epic 8bit music in background. I've always loved these kind of stuff and always tried to replicate these epic aspects in my productions but never in an original way, as i don't really know what's behind it. I know that doing these kind of art is extremely difficult, but i would like to learn, over time. Just for starters, what lies behind the awesome animations and glitter texts ? Definitely stuff written using DirectX right? I have left some example below, for all those who have never seen one.



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Jan 21, 2014
directX didn't exist back then

They were written in assembly, there are sites where you can download the source code:

Cracktro Sources
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