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  1. hound.c++

    Question What is up with the segments in x64dbg

    Hey everybody, I know this is probably a little dumb to ask but even after hours of researching I feel like I don't hit the green spot on this. My question is about the current use of segments on Windows 32 and 64 bit. Left pic is 64 bit, right is 32 bit so essentially I see these segment...
  2. LsDevs

    Solved IDA Pro, generate pseudo code for x86 target under x64 host

    Hi everyone, I'm stuck in IDA Pro on my Windows x64 machine. I want to generate pseudo-code for a x86 app and I got an error like I only have a compiler for x64 version. Is there a way to download a x86 compiler and link it to IDA Pro or I am stuck forever ? ( I don't really know if I'm in the...
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