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  1. h4nsbr1x

    Question Parsing trace files

    I'm working on a project where I'm running a trace over the packer and toggling various anti-anti-debug protections to see what happens. The plan is then to diff the two trace logs and see where the branches change. 1) What (text) diff tools do people use on Windows? 2) Is there a better way to...
  2. h4nsbr1x

    Discuss Using breakpoint logs in x64dbg

    I've been having a play with Assault Cube to look at how the network protocol works, and I'll skip over the part where I found the call to SendTo and will focus on the part where one of the WSABUF structs gets populated: 49B005: mov eax, [ebx+50h] test eax, eax jz short loc_49B050...
  3. Hagrid

    Tutorial How to reverse engineer MineSweeper cheats

    PART 1 - Reversing (this thread) PART 2 - Coding the "hack" (post below) As you may have guessed from the title ITT we will be reversing Minesweeper and then writing a simple "hack" for it. First go over to Windows Minesweeper XP: Free game download to download the original WinXP minesweeper...
  4. A

    Solved Automated Movement via Clicking

    I've put on my big boy pants recently and have been putting in a lot of time trying to hack my first "unguided" game and make a simple bot. I have really made great progress in my eyes, with the ability to teleport, move around via SendInput() and some other things. However, the past 20 hours or...
  5. G

    Solved Signature Scanning Help

    Hello, i am pretty knew to Game Hacking so this may be a dumb question but i need some help with signature scanning. I am working on a a cheat for Modern Combat Versus. Its not a great game and awful on PC but i thought it would be a good point to start my journey since I didnt want to use...
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