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  1. P

    Question Exception handling in a manually mapped PE with RtlAddFunctionTable doesn't work.

    Following this thread and many other examples i tried to implement x64 exception handling support into my PE loader (not injector, everything is in one process) like this: PIMAGE_DATA_DIRECTORY pDataTable = &headers->OptionalHeader.DataDirectory[IMAGE_DIRECTORY_ENTRY_EXCEPTION]...
  2. S

    Tutorial 64-bit Function Hooking with Separate Assembly File

    So, i've been following the beginner's tutorial, and got to function detouring. I'm trying to mod Deep Rock Galactic, which is 64-bit. The problem is MSVC doesn't support inline ASM on 64-bit targets. I spent a while looking around figuring out how to make it work. In this thread i'm going...
  3. B

    Solved x64 Trampoline hook crashes on return

    In EDF5 I'm playing around with hooking and using the x86 Hooking Guide as reference. I made some adjustments as I'm experimenting a bit, but also because it's 0x64. The only big difference I'm doing here for x64 is instead of the 5 byte jmp to a relative address I'm doing mov rax, {the jmp...
  4. 2

    Solved x64 hooking problems

    So I'm at a loss. Recently I've finished writing a 64bit trampoline hook, but I'm running into an issue. I'm using the function to hook "SetViewAngles" in the 64bit version of Garry's Mod. However, it crashes in the actual hook function. I've run the visual studio debugger on it and it seems to...
  5. drew6017

    Source Code Simple x64 External C Trampoline Hook

    What is a hook? You can read all about detours and trampoline hooks for x86 in this excellent article by Rake. It's a little different in x64 because we have to load the address we want to jump to into a register before actually jumping to it. The overall goal is to inject our code at a certain...
  6. LsDevs

    Solved IDA Pro, generate pseudo code for x86 target under x64 host

    Hi everyone, I'm stuck in IDA Pro on my Windows x64 machine. I want to generate pseudo-code for a x86 app and I got an error like I only have a compiler for x64 version. Is there a way to download a x86 compiler and link it to IDA Pro or I am stuck forever ? ( I don't really know if I'm in the...
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