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  1. matt1337

    Question Issues with ScreenPosition in DebugOverlay

    So im having alot of issue with the ScreenPos just does not want to work. I think i have found it in the engine.dll and its vtable offset is 13 #pragma once #include "../wrapper/const.h" #include "../wrapper/definitions.h" class OverlayText_t; class Vector; class IVDebugOverlay { public...
  2. Pedroma34

    Video Tutorial 3D Graphic Engine (World to screen related)

    This guy made a GREAT tutorial about 3D graphics engine. His explanation of a view matrix is the best I've ever encountered in a video. His series are excellent if you want to understand how 3D stuff works and have an idea of the view Matrix and world to screen function. PS: You won't have to...
  3. Liftu

    Solved Troubles getting worldToScreen working

    Hi there, I have some troubles getting my WorldToScreen function working correctly on CSS. I followed this tutorial to get the WorldToScreen function. And I found a bunch of different viewMatrix in memory but this address is the one I get the best result with. The display of my esp box on the x...
  4. J

    Solved ESP Drawing In Wrong Place

    Hi, so I have just recently learned how to draw with directx and I am now studying the WorldToScreen() function for Assault Cube. After figuring out how it works and studying source code, I have tried coding one myself. I have used your OpenGL source code and coded my own version of it, but it...
  5. G

    Solved C# CSGO ESP problem

    float[] _viewMatrix = new float[16]; for (int i = 0; i < 16; i++) _viewMatrix[i] = VAM.ReadFloat((IntPtr)(viewMatrixPtr + (i * 0x4))); gm = new GameMath.Matrix4x4(_viewMatrix[0], _viewMatrix[1], _viewMatrix[2], _viewMatrix[3]...
  6. G

    Solved C# WorldToScreen

    Hi. I am Korean who uses Google Translator because I can not speak English. (Please let me know if Koreans can help ...) I used C # to find the CSGO's enemy player and his player structure. Now I want to create an ESP, but using the example will not work with ESP. I use VAMemory to open the CSGO...
  7. A

    Solved Requesting help with Matrix math

    So, i've got a matrix that i want to use for transforming 3D points into screen space. I've got Plater/Entity coordinates that are using the same grid system, so the numeric values of X,Y,Z are relative to the X,Y,Z i've marked on the matrix. However when i apply the world to screen function...
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