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  1. S

    Solved CSGO ESP Box height not scaling properly at different distances

    Hello all, I have recently been working on my own CSGO external box esp and I've managed to get everything working so far. The only issue is the height of the box that I'm using doesn't scale properly. Currently, this is what happens from far away: and this is what happens from point-blank...
  2. unicodeA

    Solved Minecraft WorldToScreen without ViewMatrix

    Hello, I am currently working on an ESP, but I do not have access to a view matrix or anything of the sort, since I'm getting the entity list and their positions through packets. Yes, getting the positions through packets is a must, that is the approach I chose & will stick with. I have access...
  3. matt1337

    Question Issues with ScreenPosition in DebugOverlay

    So im having alot of issue with the ScreenPos just does not want to work. I think i have found it in the engine.dll and its vtable offset is 13 #pragma once #include "../wrapper/const.h" #include "../wrapper/definitions.h" class OverlayText_t; class Vector; class IVDebugOverlay { public...
  4. Pedroma34

    Video Tutorial 3D Graphic Engine (World to screen related)

    This guy made a GREAT tutorial about 3D graphics engine. His explanation of a view matrix is the best I've ever encountered in a video. His series are excellent if you want to understand how 3D stuff works and have an idea of the view Matrix and world to screen function. PS: You won't have to...
  5. Liftu

    Solved CSS WorldToScreen Troubles

    Hi there, I have some troubles getting my WorldToScreen function working correctly on CSS. I followed this tutorial to get the WorldToScreen function. And I found a bunch of different viewMatrix in memory but this address is the one I get the best result with. The display of my esp box on the x...
  6. J

    Solved ESP Drawing In Wrong Place

    Hi, so I have just recently learned how to draw with directx and I am now studying the WorldToScreen() function for Assault Cube. After figuring out how it works and studying source code, I have tried coding one myself. I have used your OpenGL source code and coded my own version of it, but it...
  7. G

    Solved C# CSGO ESP problem

    float[] _viewMatrix = new float[16]; for (int i = 0; i < 16; i++) _viewMatrix[i] = VAM.ReadFloat((IntPtr)(viewMatrixPtr + (i * 0x4))); gm = new GameMath.Matrix4x4(_viewMatrix[0], _viewMatrix[1], _viewMatrix[2], _viewMatrix[3]...
  8. G

    Solved C# WorldToScreen

    Hi. I am Korean who uses Google Translator because I can not speak English. (Please let me know if Koreans can help ...) I used C # to find the CSGO's enemy player and his player structure. Now I want to create an ESP, but using the example will not work with ESP. I use VAMemory to open the CSGO...
  9. A

    Solved Requesting help with Matrix math

    So, i've got a matrix that i want to use for transforming 3D points into screen space. I've got Plater/Entity coordinates that are using the same grid system, so the numeric values of X,Y,Z are relative to the X,Y,Z i've marked on the matrix. However when i apply the world to screen function...
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